Paradise Grey is a friendly, private guesthouse and lively get-together place in Cape Town's quaint district Higgovale.

We offer memorable, personal dinners of exquisite, unconventional cuisine.
No matter if you are looking for an intimate candle light dinner, a cheerful social gathering or a late work meeting with great food - our charismatic chef Jason will deliver you with an unforgettable dining experience. Alan's great salads, amazing collection of coffees and, of course, thrilling life stories will have you come back for more.

We also constitute a central part of Coffebeans Routes unique reggae and garden routes - exceptional, touristic discovery tours through the city. The tours are a great way to experience Cape Town up close and personal and get in touch with not only its beautiful sights, but also its most remarkable inhabitants. Grand events such as musical dinners and large reunions, often in collaboration with the innovative Kurus Language School of English, also take place here.

If you are interested in our dinners, tours or even private lodging in our garden cottage we would love to hear from you ! 

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