You can come to our house for a delicious, intimate dining experience. Our chef, Jason, has earned himself a reputation in all of Cape Town and even further as an innovative and extraordinary cook. His fish and chicken, amongst various other excellent dishes, are famous. After many a friend had enquired about organizing personal dinners at the house, and Paradise Grey's food even being mentioned in a Sunday issue of the Cape Times, we could not hide Jason's cooking from the outside world any longer and the first dinner bookings have started to arrive. 

So if you are looking for a very personal and delicate dinner in a very sociable and special atmosphere, don't hesitate to contact us here.

You can expect unusual food and tastes you have never experienced before, spread over three courses reaching from Alan's fruity salads to Jason's great and plentiful main plates to tasty pastries, desserts and cakes. Fine wines and coffees will also make sure that you will pass an unforgettable evening with us. No matter if you are a single, couple, or a group, join us at Paradise Grey for a very special dinner experience !

Read a lovely review by Rebecca and Dade on our first home dinner here !

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