Join us on a magnificent journey all the way from Cape Town to the vibrant heart of Kingston, Jamaica on the Coffeebeans reggae tour. Your host, Alan, is probably the most knowledgeable person on Rastafarian culture and life in all of Africa. In fact, he has spent thirty intriguing and rich years on the Carribean island, seen and lived through some of the most exciting experiences and had his house next door to some of the most influential reggae artists of all times.

The reggae tour will provide you with an experience that amazes even born and bred Cape Tonians. After a tasty banana cake snack and an interactive speech of Alan on reggae, its rootz, its people and its beliefs, you will be able to enjoy a fresh vegetarian Rasta meal. In continuation, you will go on a tour to the currently most interesting reggae venues in Cape Town, with the evening ending in a true Rasta dance hall right in the middle of the Marcus Garvey township.

But let Alan explain you his tour and what reggae means.

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